I love fashion parties. Everyone stands around glaring at each other for a while, but after a couple of cocktails someone breaks the ice by saying “I just love your trousers” and suddenly it’s all smiles and swapping hair dye tips. It was pretty difficult to frown for long at the Mawi jewellery party on Thursday - to celebrate the opening of their new shop in Arnold Circus they had decked the whole shop and part of the street like a funfair.

The interior was festooned with balloons and those gumball type machines where you get a present; only instead of rubbish jewellery it was the stuff of pirate’s dreams. Outside, a marquee with added bunting housed a popcorn machine, and an arcade game where the prize was a £50 Mawi voucher. Personally I’ve got my eye on the necklace that looks like those floating WWII mines strung together but unfortunately the £50 just doesn’t stretch quite far enough.

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