More Fashion Week Highlights

During Fashion Week I was lucky enough to help out the lovely Kim Howells covering the shows for her blog while she was behind the scenes styling them. I got to see some truly incredible ones, and basically had the time of my life despite being flat out busy the entire time. As I had two pretty major projects for uni to work on simultaneously, it was an intense 10 days or so during which I went to shows every day, wrote up blogs, spent hours editing and uploading photos, wrote my dissertation research proposal and organised and styled my own photo shoot (the results of which I'm looking forward to putting up soon). I've blogged in more detail about the individual shows on Kim's blog,  so here's a few of my favourite shots.

Photobucket Getting dressed at Phoebe English Photobucket After the show at Phoebe English Photobucket  Cute pops of bubblegum pink at Phoebe English Photobucket Photobucket Louise Gray Photobucket Grungy at Marques Almeida - glad backpacks aren't going away anytime soon...Photobucket Front row at Michael Van Der Ham


Acne AW12 at London Fashion Week

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket London Fashion Week was a pretty crazy time for me, which I will talk about more in another post coming soon, and I've only just recovered from the madness enough to bring myself to write about it again. In between my main duties covering shows for the lovely stylist Kim Howells (more on that later), I suddenly, thanks to my good friend Francesca Mullin, found myself with the dream ticket - an invite to the Acne A/W12 show at the old sorting office on New Oxford street. I saw pretty much every single fashion journalist and blogger whose faces I would recognise, and I'm not going to lie, it was a stylish affair. After the show had finished, suddenly waiters appeared with drinks and food and the whole place, including backstage area, turned into a massive party. 

 I'm not going to write a review of the show - there's already way too much coverage of shows out there - but one thing that always strikes me about Acne is how they know exactly what I'm going to want to wear way before I know it. I loved loved loved the flashes of neon and the shiny coats and jackets, and that green coat pictured below is also on my wishlist. I won't say anything else, but perhaps this year is the one to start saving up for A/w now, and one of those babies will be mine come September.


Piers Atkinson A/W12.

A picture of me backstage at Piers Atkinson's new A/W12 lookbook shoot. Yeah, this is a sneak peak at one of the new pieces! So much fun and SO MANY good hats! Not sure why it looks like I have bleached my eyebrows/shaved them off as I most certainly have not done this.


Be still my beating heart...

Just a quick one - the Weekday SS12 lookbook has been revealed, and although I'm sure this will have gone viral on the Scandi blogs within about 2 hours, I had to show it because I love nearly every single piece in it. The colours and shapes perfectly match what I want to be wearing this spring, and I'm even feeling the baseball caps, which shows how easily my mind can be changed about things. The concession in Selfridges is, as far as I know, due soon, but when, WHEN?

Here's a selection of my favourite looks. I am of course using the word 'selection' loosely, as it's pretty much the whole collection. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Too much dark.

I've decided that I wear too much black. I practically live in my high waisted, black, skinny jeans which I always seem to wear with a pair of black leather shoes or boots (if it's black, leather, within my price range and goes on your feet then I am pretty much guaranteed to have it). Then I usually throw on a plain t-shirt and a dark jumper followed by a dark coat. Pretty uninspiring for the warmer weather (if we ever get any); so, even though right now it is -1 outside and I am sitting on the sofa with a blanket round my knees and tonsillitis in my throat I am planning to take drastic action with regards to my S/S wardrobe. What could be further from my plain black obsession than a Hawaiian shirt?! I've found an amazing brand called Karmakula (also just started selling on ASOS) which has every colour/print of Hawaiian shirt available to buy and for the very reasonable price of £26.95 too.

As this is my first foray into Hawaiian shirts I thought it would be advisable to attempt one with a slightly more muted colour scheme so narrowed down the choices to these three...


But then I realised that if I was planning on wearing a Hawaiian shirt, then this wasn't the time to be shy and that actually I preferred the brighter ones. So I ended up ordering the blue one on the left. I'll post a picture as soon as it arrives.



London College of Fashion MA showcase

Last week I got to attend the London College of Fashion MA showcase. I've written a longer piece on it that will go up on another site soon (special secret project that I'll be doing bits and pieces for) but in the meantime, here are a few things that I got excited about:

Photobucket Embossed latex - unfortunately I can't remember who by...
Photobucket Photobucket AMAZING pieces from Ana Rajcevic. Photobucket Photobucket This was pretty weird - it's basically a garment bag but with, added erm, anatomy? Photobucket MA Fashion Artefact Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Ruth Holland, MA Fashion Artefact Photobucket Recognise this model?