Old photos: young Mum.

As promised, here are a few pictures of my Mum when she was a little girl in Poland. The first picture is her and my Babcia, her Mum, in the snow. My Babcia is my absolute hero and wore some amazing clothes back in the day. What's great is that although she is shorter than me, I am pretty much the same size that she was when she was younger and I can sometimes find the most amazing clothes in her wardrobes, which she quite readily surrenders.


Mum is on the far right. I think she is meant to be a snowflake if I remember correctly. Too cute! Wish I could get razor sharp pleats into my skirts like the girl in the middle has.


One year later and little Ula has progressed to playing the part of a bigger snowflake- looks like she is wearing the same dress but has grown a few inches! I think she preferred pretending to be a knight as on the right. She was such a tomboy in reality.


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