Party trousers.

Ever since Vintage Weekend at Southbank where I saw one of my colleagues wearing a pair of cocktail print trousers- I have wanted a pair of cocktail print trousers. Considering the scarcity of cocktail print trousers I never expected to find a pair. Then, last Friday, something incredible happened. I went to the East End Thrift store in Whitechapel and I found a pair of cocktail patterned trousers. But these were no ordinary cocktail patterned trousers. These were lovely, black silk cocktail patterned trousers. They were the absolute perfect fit pair of cocktail patterned trousers. They had the cocktails embroidered on them with little beads as decoration. AND THEY WERE ONLY £15. Basically, I found the ultimate pair of cocktail pattern trousers. I got to wear my new party trousers to a party on Saturday. They made me so happy.




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