I was lucky enough to go to Glastonbury this year for the first time. It was also the time of my life (really)! I felt like a bit of a mess, but apparently Vogue did not think the same. They took my picture and also my friend Charlotte's picture. I learnt my lesson this time round and just told them that I work "at the Southbank Centre" rather than being a "visitor services host" like I goofily did when the Guardian asked-remember that?

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 20.31.38

Points I would like to make about this picture,
1. I was NOT sunburnt even though I look it. Charlotte made us reapply factor 30 suncream every few hours, even when it was raining.
2. It was very, very hot and I was a bit drunk.
3. I NEED to learn how to pose. I look like I'm carrying two invisible shopping bags. Next time there will be a hand on the hip, a bent leg, a little smile perhaps or even a look over the shoulder.
4. I promise you I am not actually balding, it only appears this way.

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 20.31.02

I would also like to point out that Charlotte was wearing a super cute PLAYSUIT, not top, from Topshop. More difficulties in going for a wee but she looked infinitely prettier than me as the frills danced about in the breeze whilst I stomped about in my wellies and boy outfit. Sad face. Again, will put more effort in next time.

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  1. Now i literally cant wait for Glasto 2012!