Recently I've been banging on to anyone who will listen about a Swedish brand, Weekday, that I wish would come to, or at least DELIVER to the UK. The fact that they don't is a constant source of frustration for me, to the point where I've actually been soliciting Scandinavian friends to buy things for me and send them in the post, at great inconvenience to themselves.

Weekday stock a mixture of their own brand, designer collaborations, and other cult Scandi offerings such as an extensive range of Cheap Monday products (far more jeans styles than are available over here, reigniting my perennial hope of rediscovering my favourite ever jeans that were discontinued here a few years ago). The menswear is pretty sweet too, offering collaborations with the likes of Eley Kishimoto, and a great selection of basics.

Also it's a friggin' STEAL. Another Scandinavian brand, Monki, is due to hit London in September - may this be the start of many similar imports.


Grey knit - Weekday
Snakeprint shoes - Weekday (only €20!)
Top - Stine Goya (available at Weekday)
Men's jumper - Eley Kishimoto for Weekday

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