Tucked in hair.

I have let my hair grow recently and it is now at the longest it has ever been, which means I can do loads of exciting things with it like french knots, plaits, fishtail plaits, those weird inside-out ponytails and really super high ballerina buns which perch on top of your head. Although technically I can do these things with my hair, in reality I don't have the patience or skillz. I am much more likely to completely forget that I even have hair. It was in this way I invented my newest quick hair fix. Only to discover with a little bit of research that EVERYONE was doing it and has been doing it for quite some time now. Basically, I stand in the hallway before opening the front door...then I put a jacket on. Simple. The jacket sits half on top of my hair at the back and leaves the front bits to hang out under the lapels. It's messy, it's quick, it doesn't require any tools (other than an outer garment) and because of all this it suits me perfectly.

Whilst looking through all the resort photos which were released recently I noticed that lots of them had utilised MY NEW HAIR STYLE. Just check it out >>>

MaisonMartinMargiella did it...


I was probably subconciously channeling these photos, taken by the extremely talented Kasia Bobula backstage at Margaret Howell, when I started to wear tucked in hair. (You should definitely have a look at her blog. She likes fashion and Poland-what a good mix!)


The stylists for Celine did it to their models. And that's Pheobe Philo doing her post show approval walk at Paris FW with her hair tucked into a polo neck (bit extreme for me but you get the picture-if Pheobe Philo's doing it I should probably do it too).


I still have a way to go before I start tucking my hair into polo necks and chokers (surely it just itches?) but otherwise I am all for this new trend. Pretty hair is out of my life and unkempt hair is in! Although I do have two weddings to go to this summer so I may have to rethink that statement come August as I don't think my mother would approve of messy wedding hair.


Images used from knightcat and KasiaBobula.

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