How to dress like a babe off-duty.


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Everyone must've seen the behind the scenes Blade Runner shots taken with Sean Young's polaroid camera by now, as they have been knocking about on the internet for quite some time. Although I sort of hate the film (I know, controversial) I always thought Rachael was well cool. She would win in a fight with Pris by the power of her eyebrows alone. Both the characters's wardrobes have been copied an infinite number of times but I want to copy the backstage ones more. The outfit in these two photos makes me swoon. I searched for months. Mainly in Gap, promised by many to make the perfect t-shirts, but who clearly don't because they don't make this one. Finally my search has proved successful: I discovered an exact copy from Topshop Boutique. I am still looking for a leathery look, black, snake print skirt with a waistband just half and inch wide hitting at the narrowest part of my waist, made of a non-stretchy material and it has to be tight, but not too tight. For now I have ordered this skirt off ASOS, which by no means satisfies my skirt lust, but may just have to do for now.


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