Going Out Shoes


I've been becoming increasingly frustrated by shoe shopping for a while now, so I was pleased to find these in H&M the other day. The antidote to the stripper shoes peddled by most retailers these days (heels seem to get higher every season - since when was 5 inches considered normal for heel height? What happened to 3 inches? GAH) these are unfussy, classic, and just chunky enough to have a bit of edge to them, but still feminine rather than weird looking. Plus, I won't fall over in them like I did in these shoes, and I won't be taller than all the boys I know when wearing them. Win. They also have a pleasing 90s vibe to them, and I remember having a very similar pair in velvet (but with a lower wedge) when I was about 10 - my very first 'going out' shoes.

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