Spots and dots.

I know that dalmatian print has been a big hit this winter, but I just can't get excited about it. There are some really nice items out there and I think it looks good, but I'm at a bit of a loss with what to do with it. Maybe it's because the pattern is just a little bit to irregular for me. I don't wear much pattern, and when I do I tend to stick with pretty bold, evenly spaced things. I love a dot. But regular polka dots are too tiny and fussy for me. I like a big, bold spot (but please, not on my face). There's something so satisfying about big, regular patterns.

I love this asos skirt and I wish more than anything that they would do a pair of trousers in the same material and pattern; I think I would faint with joy if they did a jacket and trouser combo! These Topshop trousers come close enough and I am seriously considering getting these asos shorts for summer even though they are for men. I have been using these tights to jazz up black silk dresses over the Christmas/New Year period. These socks are next on my list. Cool pop socks- who would've thought it?!


This image looks so horrible- I really do apologise. I guess all those different spots should never have featured on the same page next to one another. Trousers Topshop, socks, shorts and tights all Asos.

Ps. Us on New Year's eve dancing to Le Tigre trying to copy all the dance moves off a tiny laptop screen. Me in said spotty tights! Just turn the sound right down because we are drunk and we shout the words and just sound awful in general.

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