Ah! Now I know. I know that Miranda is a Botticelli angel.

I have never really worn much white. I mean, I'm happy in a white shirt or a white vest: any more and I find it too girlish for my taste and I generally just look and feel uncomfortable. However, after watching the 1975 film, 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', the other week I have been strangely drawn to lots of white, pretty items.


Then I found these images from Danish Vogue and I was convinced that white might become my "new thing".


I want to be that mysterious girl in white! A young Mrs. Havisham would've looked elegant (shame about the going crazy part because that dress looks like fun to flounce in), and look at Ophelia- OK so she's about to die in a lake but at least she looks good doing it. And Valerie in 'Valerie a týden divu' is cute too.


Now, the more I think of it the more I realise that unfortunate things happen to girls in white. Just judging by these examples there is death, madness, dissapearances and attempted rape by an utterly terrifying clergyman. All that gleaming white innocence is too much to handle. Maybe I'd rather stick to black.

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