The Trouble with Flares pt. II: Palazzo Pants





I'm still pretty much on the fence regarding flared or wide-legged trousers, but went for these Primark ones because a) the print pleased me and b) at £12 it seemed like a fairly harmless introduction to this particular genre of trouser. They are however, pretty tricky to style, and the best I've so far managed to do is to pair them with summery clog-style sandals (you have to wear them with a heel or you really do look like a hippy) and a super-plain grey t-shirt. They're also surprisingly weather-dependent; aside from the fact that they soak up rain, they also look bizarre in anything less than blazing sunshine. The print also makes accessories impossible, and you have to be careful with hair and makeup to avoid looking like you're going to a 70s themed pool party. Having said that, if anyone wants to host a Boogie Nights themed bash, my costume is competely sorted.

Trousers from Primark, clogs from H&M, t-shirt from AA

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