Fishnet stockings are too sexy.

French Connection campaign / ASOS magazine November 2010

I really like this image from the French Connection summer campaign. I noticed it for the first time on the Waterloo and City line platform at Bank and have been a little obsessed ever since. Unfortunately, not even I feel confident enough to wear fishnet stockings with a white crochet dress and heels whilst sucking ketchup off my fingers on a curb. No matter how cool that model looks in the photo, I would definitely end up looking more like a hooker. Or worse, a try-hard. So instead I looked more to the image on the right as inspiration for a going out outfit involving fishnets...and ended up basically copying it.

Gap shirt, vintage skirt, fishnet tights from a Whitechapel market stall, New Look shoes, Topshop lipstick in Vamp.

(Sorry about the creases!)

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