The trouble with flares.

I'm about to venture out in my new Topshop flares. I bought them quite a while ago, convincing myself it was a good idea and that I would look like one of these three...


What I actually found was that they are the most troublesome trousers to get right. You can't wear them...
  • in the rain
  • with flats
  • with shoes that are too bulky
  • with anything else that is too 70s
  • on a bike
Also, are they a day or night trouser? Are they meant to be dressed up (see above, can't wear them with flats) or dressed down (they seem to want to be worn with a laid back shirt but then they are SO TIGHT that I feel it's a waste not to show off in them a bit). No wonder everyone loves their skinny jeans so much! They are decidedly easier to deal with.

Here's what I actually wore them with in the end.

Topshop flares, causing a stir nail varnish and infrared lipstick, Uniqlo top, New Look clog boots, Mum's old leather belt and the necklace was a gift.

I would post a photo of myself wearing them but I'm worried I might look like Jessica Simpson so I'm testing the waters first.

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