H&M Conscious Collection.

I was returning a dress in Selfridges yesterday and was trying to be as quick as possible about it by running through the store (I actually think a few security guards almost set off to chase me thinking that I had made off with a Mulberry bag) when I rushed past the H&M concession, stopped and had to do a double take. I hadn't paid much attention to their previous conscious collections as they were just a bit "meh"- boring with not much to set them apart from the rest of the shop. This was totally different though. Apparently the designers drew inspiration from Swedish folklore and 17th century clothing from Northern Sweden. It's odd that the collection features lots of white: lace, blouses and dresses in crisp cotton. Include the linen shorts and light, decorative jackets and you are looking at a summer collection. However, there are also some lovely grey, woolen trousers and a long cocoon shaped coat which are suitably autumnal. Unfortunately, I fell in love with the summery items. I may have to save them for next year though as the temperature outside has dropped by 14 degrees in the past week. Brrrr. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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